Wednesday, October 01, 2014

A Guest Post: Jessica Johnson

My friend Jessica Johnson wrote this amazing blog post the other day and I asked her if I could share it here.  As I get older I find myself being less and less judgmental.  I guess it is part of maturing and realizing that you don't, in fact, know everything, and that indeed everyone is fighting a hard battle so you should just be kind as often as possible.

I have also come to realize that we win people over through love not judgment.

So as I read Jessica's post I just kept saying, yes! yes! yes!  I hope you will too.  You can read more of Jess' writing over on her blog at A Million Things.

Sometimes on Sunday mornings Dave turns his back to the congregation and faces the stage, mid-sermon.

He preaches to himself.

He even says that.

"I'm preaching to myself here, guys."

And I type with that sentiment.

I'm mostly blogging to myself here.

But I'm only half the equation.

So I realize it kind of falls short.

I guess I just want you to feel like we're in this together.

Because we are.

And anything otherwise would contradict the heart behind my words.

But I think we need a reminder, Christian moms.

Enough is enough with the judgment over schooling choices.

The conversations we have with like-minded friends under the guise of "encouragement" or "fellowship" that quickly turn south.

And we start them knowing they will turn south.

The screen shots and snarky texts we send.

The comments we make under our breath and the thoughts in our heads.

The finger pointing and misguided passion.

The delighting in weaknesses and short-comings to prove our stance is correct.

The public school mom who scoffs at the homeschool family learning in their PJs.

Or having a math lesson at a convenience store.

The homeschool mom who, although she may not say it, carries herself with arrogance and believes in her heart she loves her children more.

The public school mom who ignorantly assumes homeschool moms are overprotective, overwhelmed and raising children ill-equipped for real life.

The homeschool mom who shares news articles about our failing public school system every chance she gets.

Even though she's never stepped foot on a public school campus.

The public school mom who arrogantly comments on posted news articles, proudly proving she's not sending her children off to the wolves.

Even though she doesn't know for sure.

The homeschool mom who judges the public school mom for having her head in the sand and being lazy.

Or even worse?

The implication that she can't possibly love her children if she is willing to expose them to the "evils" of the public school system.

The public school mom jealous of the greater influence a homeschool mom may have on her children.

The homeschool mom jealous of a public school mom's late morning pedicure.

The public school mom who doesn't "like" a picture on Instagram because it has a home education hashtag.

The homeschool mom who doesn't post a comment on a picture on Facebook because it has a public school location geotag.

None of this is good, you guys.

Or healthy.

Or edifying.

Let's stop.

Because here's the deal.

Homeschool mom is doing her best.

She loves her children.

She takes seriously her role as parent.

She messes up.

She is tired and weary and scared.

Public school mom is doing her best.

She loves her children.

She takes seriously her role as parent.

She messes up.

She is tired and weary and scared.

We need to trust that we're each doing what's right and best for our family.

We need to love each other.

And support each other.

And not let feelings of inadequacy, insecurity or envy cloud our emotions.

Or worse?

Fracture our friendships. 

Because there is a wedge.

And as the American Christian homeschool movement gains momentum, it's getting worse.

I see it.


In churches.

I see friend circles based on schooling choices.

I even see divide within the homeschool community over curriculum.

I see popular Christian preachers calling for a mass exodus out of the public school system.

I hear it in our tone when we talk about it.

It's getting kind of crazy, you guys.

It makes me sad.

And honestly.

I think Paul would be angry.

He might even swear.

Because it's rubbish.

It's imperative that we abandon the mindset that there is only one way to educate our children.

That homeschooling produces anti-social, uneducated and narrow-minded individuals.

Or that homeschooling is biblically mandated.

And that Satan himself is running the American pubic school system.

And he isn't.

Here's the reality.

The public school system has deep flaws.

It also has great triumphs.

The home education system has deep flaws.

It also has great triumphs.

Through all of it, God is still in control.

And without relinquishing our own control and relying on Him,

we don't stand a chance.

If I, public school mom, want zero judgment.

I need to judge zero myself.

If you, homeschool mom, want me to respect you and your choices.

You need to respect and trust mine.

We all want our kids to be decent humans and know and follow Jesus.

But that happens through prayer.

And study of Scripture.

And implementing the things of God into your family time.

At 10:30 am.

Or 3:30 pm.

Ultimately, it happens through God's sovereign work in our children's hearts.

It's not contingent on any specific learning environment or curriculum.

Likewise, it can't be thwarted by any specific learning environment or curriculum.

Press on in confidence, mamas.

Be praying.

Be learning.

Be loving and unified.

We miss out when we're not.

We're all doing our best.

Be quicker to give each other the benefit of the doubt than to say I told you so.

Public school moms, let's be praying for our friends that homeschool.

For patience and wisdom and endurance.

Homeschool moms, let's be praying for our friends that choose public school.

For encouragement and assurance and that their families would make a difference on campus.

Our children learn the most from watching us.

All day long in a homeschool setting.

Or after they are done with a full day of public school.

Our influence is the same.

And we want them to see Jesus.

So let's be sure we're showing them what He looks like.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Registration Closed

Sign-ups for the Favorite Things Recipe Exchange are now closed.

If you signed up, please don't forget to make your donation to the Ladd Family's Adoption fund by clicking on the donate button below:

Assignment emails will go out ON OR BEFORE Friday, September 26th.  Please check your inbox, then check your spam, then contact me on Saturday if you have not received your assignment.

Thanks so much to all who have signed up!  #peoplehelpingpeopleismyfavorite

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

@theadoptswap Favorite Things Recipe Exchange

Today I got a message from a friend on IG telling me about an urgent adoption need for a friend of hers.  I knew immediately that the Lord was calling me to come out of my exchange sabbatical and help this family.  So I texted a few of my insta-besties and asked them if they had any brilliant ideas for a new exchange {because as much as you guys love the garland exchanges, I am kind of bored with them}.  And one of my friends immediately suggested a recipe exchange.  Brilliant.

So there it was... a new exchange: the Favorite Things Recipe Exchange.

I got in touch with the gal whose family has this need and we began to talk about their story and the exchange.  And guess what... she went to culinary school and has a recipe blog!!!  I just love it when God orchestrates the details to say, "I'm here."

First I want you to hear about the family we will be helping.  The Ladds.  Here is their story in Leigh's words:

Gray and I have been married for 6 1/2 years.  My husband works in the nonprofit sector and I'm a stay at home  homeschooling mama.  We adopted our son from Ethiopia in 2012 when he was 31/2 years old.  He is our little Lego loving, movie quoting, card game obsessed cutie!  

We knew we wanted to adopt again but it took a little while to figure out where God wanted us this time. In November we officially signed on with Christian Adoption Consultants and in the spring we started our home study. We were ready for placement at the end of June.  

On September 8th we found out about a sweet baby girl that is being born very soon. From the moment our case worker started telling me the details I knew this was it.  But we still had to be chosen. 

In the process we also found out that we had to have 11,000 dollars when we were matched and 11,000 dollars at placement.  Both of these either needed to be cash, check or wired meaning it had to be cash in the bank.  We had 5,000 dollars, not 22,000. At this point we sort of freaked out, we thought there was absolutely no way. My best friend Ashley was not having it. God had provided in big ways recently for their adoption and she was confident that if this baby was supposed to be part of our family that He would provide for us as well.  Despite her insistence we went to bed that Monday night thinking we would not be presenting to this situation.  

Neither of us slept at all and by morning we decided to go for it, in my heart I just knew. While we waited to hear if we were chosen for the baby, we raised 6,000 dollars in 38 hours. It was amazing and humbling. 

On Thursday, September 11th we got the call that we were chosen. I sobbed over the phone to our case worker for a good 5 minutes telling her that I just knew it.  We still can't believe how God has guided our path so far!  

Now we only have 15 days to raise the remaining 11,000 dollars with any extra going towards to medical expenses.  We are holding on to the hope that we have not been brought this far in the journey for nothing!  We are already so in love with this baby girl, our son is getting more and more excited about being a big brother and our hearts just long to snuggle her in our arms.  

We are walking a sacred story and we feel so humbled that so many have decided to walk with us.

Will you join me to help Leigh and her family bring home their baby girl?  I know $11,000 sounds like a lot, but I have seen God provide more than that in less time to complete families that He has knit together.


In this exchange you will be assigned a friend to whom you will send a recipe and some item that coordinates with your recipe.  For example, if you are sending your recipe for the World's Best Mashed Potatoes {first of all, sorry... they're the second best... I make REALLY good mashed potatoes}, then you might include your favorite potato peeler.

Oxo Potato Peeler available at Target

Or if you are sending your recipe for Spiced Chicken, you may want to include a package of your secret seasoning mix.

Feel free to include some extra little goodies, but do not feel obligated to spend a ton of money. The only requirements are the recipe and the one extra item. 

ANYONE can participate in this exchange, it requires no crafting abilities.  However I am limiting this exchange to ADULTS ONLY.


It breaks my heart that some sweet women work hard at sending out a fabulous package and never get one in return.  It's rude, and as my MIL would have said, rude is never appropriate.  NO EXCUSES.

The point of this exchange is to help a family grow.  The perk is that you get to receive a fun little gift while helping that family.  If your package comes late, or you don't love it, or you never receive it, or if you send a package and don't get a gushing thank you from the recipient... PLEASE JUST REMEMBER THE PURPOSE OF THIS EXCHANGE.

The spirit of this exchange is giving.  It's an opportunity to do something amazing for a sweet family, make a new friend, be blessed and be a blessing!  I cannot even begin to tell you what a joy it has been for me to coordinate these exchanges and see friendships develop and people have happy mail days that turn their frowns upside down.  Please keep all that in mind and give without expectation.


All of this money goes directly to the Ladd Family's Adoption Fund.  I do not make any profit off of this exchange.  If you would like to have more than one swap partner, you need to pay $5 for each one.  Feel free to donate more, but we are only asking $5 per person per exchange.


You still excited???
Good, me too.
Let's do this!

Please make note of the following important dates, especially the shipping date.  For reals.  Write it in your calendar now.

SIGN-UPS OPEN: Thursday, September 18th - Monday, September 22nd
ASSIGNMENT EMAILS SENT: by Friday, September 26th
SHIPPING DEADLINE: Friday, October 17th {that gives you THREE WEEKS}  

To register follow these THREE STEPS:

STEP 1: Please fill out the registration form below.

STEP 2: Please make your donation by clicking the Donate button below:
In the Purpose field, please say "@theadoptswap Exchange".  The minimum donation is $5 per swap, but please feel free to donate more than $5.

STEP 3: Exchange assignments will be sent on or before September 26th.
If you have not received an email by September 26th, PLEASE FIRST CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER.  If you still don't see it, then please send an email to with the subject: Missing Assignment.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Bible Study: Why Does God Allow Suffering

The other day I was reminded of the fact that I had written a Bible Study on suffering for Choose Joy 2013.  I stuck it in the programs, but I never even mentioned it to the attendees that day.  I forgot about it.  And I have forgotten about it. 

But the season that I am currently walking through has been a difficult one, and so this morning I pulled out that old study and read through it.  And I thought that maybe some of you could use encouragement in your suffering, so if you are interested, I have uploaded the PDF here.

The page numbers are funny, because this was in the middle of the Choose Joy program, so yes, page 11 is the beginning.  I pray that this study will bring your soul rest, peace and joy.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I'm about to talk about something that makes people really uncomfortable.


Are you starting to wiggle in your seat???  Look, here's the deal... I know that money can be a very controversial topic, but stick with me for just a few minutes and I hope I can convince you that it's definitely not a conversation to be afraid of. 

When Nathan and I got married he surprised me by announcing on day one that we would be tithing 10% of our income. It wasn't that I disagreed, I just didn't know that it would be such a priority to him. Amazingly, tithe was not a topic that we had addressed in our six week pre-marital counseling class that we did THROUGH OUR CHURCH. Why not???  It seems like that should have been one of the prime topics, after all isn't money one of the most common sources of strife in a marriage?

So needless to say I was grateful that we were on the same page and agreed to make tithing a priority. And in the nearly fourteen years of our marriage it has always been that way. In times of want and in times of plenty... our first fruits have gone to the Lord. And can I tell you that we have never once found ourselves in a desperate situation where the Lord has not provided, mostly in very unique ways that prove that they could only be by His hand. 

Like the time that we had recently moved from an apartment to a condo in a better neighborhood so that Beau could have neighbors to play with, and in doing so had increased our rent by $900 a month.  We were a couple of months away from making our last preschool and car payments which would make it all work, but for those few months things were TIGHT.  Super tight.  Then one day I got a check in the mail from a surgery center where I had had surgery TWO YEARS EARLIER because our insurance had apparently paid more than they had expected.  The check was just enough to get us through.

Or like the time that we were drowning in credit card debt, most due to fertility bills, and after years of playing the 0% game {transferring balances from one credit card to the next to avoid interest} the economy had tanked and the offers that had once come daily were no longer available.  Our monthly payments were increasing to the point of insanity and I was losing sleep worrying about how we were going to make ends meet.  And then my father-in-law {who is not a believer but was nevertheless used by the Lord}, who had no idea what was happening other that that we had "some" debt, offered to loan us the money to pay it all off, which cut our monthly payments in half and allowed us to actually pay off the debt.

Or like the time that we were matched with Penelope on a Thursday and told that they were inducing her birthmom on Friday and we had four days to come up with $24,000.  And we had just closed escrow on our house and maxed ourselves out.  And then in one five-minute phone call to our bank on a Saturday morning we were approved for a $24,000 loan and told that we could have access to our funds on Monday morning.

Every time the Lord does something like this for us I am reminded that when we are faithful with our money, He will always provide.  It is like Lysa TerKeurst said, "What you put in the hands of Jesus you never lose."

I tell you all of this not to brag or pat ourselves on the back, but to encourage you that the Lord will provide for you too.

I was talking with my friend Robyn the other day and she was telling me that she heard a pastor say once that if you haven't been tithing, don't get hung up on 10%.  The Lord is more interested in the condition of our heart than our math skills.  He wants us to be generous givers, and that doesn't have to mean 10%.  For some people it's more, for some people it needs to start out as less.  Robyn said her pastor suggested to start with 1%.  1% isn't daunting.  Then the next year make it 2%.  Then 3%.  Once you are in the habit of giving and are seeing the Lord's provision... suddenly 10% isn't scary.

Is 10% too impossible for you???  JUST GIVE GENEROUSLY.

Do you have to give all 10% to your church?  JUST GIVE GENEROUSLY.

Is it 10% of your gross income or your net income???  JUST GIVE GENEROUSLY.

Recently I was introduced to the ministry of Ekubo.  Ekubo is run by my IG friend Christie Magera and her husband George.  They live in Uganda in pretty dire conditions by my standards, caring for their 14 children {2 bios, 12 adopted} and 21 foster children, running a school, a clinic, and a children's home.  They are stretched thin and live off of money that Christie spends everyday fundraising.  A few months ago they had an immediate need arise and Nathan and I felt called to help.  Before doing so we researched their ministry a bit to make sure we agreed with what they were doing.  And you know what we discovered??? They are doing the work of the Lord.  They are literally being the hands and feet of Jesus and ministering to the least of these.  Quite frankly, they are doing the work that this high-maintenance gal is grateful that I have not been called to do.  It's dirty.  It's scary.  It's hard.  And they are doing it with almost no monthly support.

Ekubo Children's Home is currently operating on monthly support of 6% of their monthly need.  And yet the Lord continues to meet their needs.  But friends... Christie is wearing thin.  She needs to focus on the great needs at hand, and not spend all her time fundraising. 

Nathan and I feel called to this ministry.  We believe in what they are doing.  We care about orphans and so do they.  So we have decided to support them monthly.

Maybe you feel a burden towards Africa and orphans and this ministry as well and you would like to help.  Christie did not ask me to do this, she didn't know I was doing it until I had to ask her for the code to her PayPal button, but I have been burdened for this ministry and I want to help.  So I am holding a good old-fashioned pledge drive right here on my little blog.

Ekubo Children's Home needs $5,000 a month to function otherwise they will have to start turning children away, or worse yet, close the home. Can you help me meet this need?

Is the Lord calling you to be generous with your giving???  Even just $5 a month would make a difference.

But maybe you could afford $10 a month???


Maybe the Lord is calling you to make a sacrifice and give $100 a month, and Ekubo ministers to your heart also?

Please pray about helping me meet this need.  If you are married, talk to your spouse about it.  Pray together.  Read Ekubo's website and follow their IG feed to get a better understanding of this amazing ministry.  And if you decide that this is a place that you would like to stretch your giving and test the Lord {because this is the one place that He tells us to test Him}, please click on the link below and then check the box that says "Make this Recurring (Monthly)" and commit to supporting this ministry in an ongoing way.{PLEASE NOTE: You will need to do it from a computer to get the monthly option.}

I will have Christie update me on the pledges and I will post a button in my sidebar updating the giving.  I would love to get their $5,000 monthly need met!  Wouldn't that be awesome to rally for the Lord and fill this need as a community???

Click here to pledge your support!
Support Ekubo Children's Home

I believe strongly that we all have burdens that the Lord places on our heart for specific purposes.  And we aren't all called to the same purposes, otherwise there would be no balance in our world.  So if African orphans are not the passion of your heart, then find a different place to give. Do not feel guilty if this is not the ministry you feel called to.  There are so many wonderful ministries out there and they all need supporters like you and me.  Find one that ministers the passion of your heart and give there. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Meet the Nadalskys

It's time for another exchange, which means it's time for me to introduce you to the family that we will be helping.

Meet the Nadalskys:

Here is Rob and Michelle's story in Michelle's words:

My husband and I have been married for 3 years and started trying to grow our family roughly 6 months into our marriage. Right away, once we decided it was time to start trying, my body went from having the most predictable cycles to having absolutely no cycle. After waiting the required year, I went in to see my doctor and he referred me to a specialist and I was diagnosed with PCOS. We did 2 rounds of fertility treatments that did absolutely nothing- I still hadn't even ovulated before we had to move due to my husband's job. My husband is a church planter and amongst the stress of our infertility, God called us to Southern Utah to start a church from the ground up. After moving to Utah, I started seeing another specialist who also, even with fertility meds couldn't get my previously healthy body to start working again. After 6 months of fertility treatments and 1 giant cyst on top of the 60ish mini-cysts I had due to my PCOS, I finally ovulated and we got pregnant. We were over the moon excited and told the whole world, we even made and mailed shirts to everyone in our immediate families. One week later we found out we were going to lose that pregnancy and actually got the giant bill for all the fertility treatments as I was miscarrying. We waited 1 month and decided we wanted to try one more time. After going in for some more tests, we found out my husband is more than fertile, so we knew if we could just get my body to work we would get pregnant was bound to stick around this time. We used the last of our savings for one last shot and got pregnant again, but this time around my numbers started so low they had us do an immediate follow up and soon learned that we would be losing this pregnancy as well. I was a mess and thought for sure there was something wrong with me. I had ovulated 2 times in the past 2 years with medical help, got pregnant both times but lost both pregnancies within the first 5 weeks of the pregnancy.

That day we were already planning to hang out with some of our wonderful friends, the Deans, who had adopted a little girl and whom had been my sounding board over the past year of fertility treatments and such. My husband and I both had decided while we were engaged that we were going to adopt at least one of our children, and God had been bringing this longing back up in my heart. I had mentioned adoption to my husband a couple of times, but he is much more methodical than my emotion led self. The morning after my last miscarriage my husband told me that he thought that it was time we looked into adoption and that this is where God was leading us to. I texted my friends, the Deans, told them on top of hanging out we wanted them to tell us everything they knew about adoption. That night we talked for hours and on the way home my husband and I both knew that we were supposed to adopt. Our doctor had told us that he wanted to do one more round of fertility meds and said if I miscarried again them he would do some testing to see what what wrong with me and why I was having recurrent miscarriages so soon after conceiving. We were completely broken-hearted and couldn't imagine losing a 3rd baby in just 5 months time. Instead of calling my doctor we called an agency (Emmy's amazing agency) and a social worker to schedule a home study.

We immediately began trying to rebuild our depleted savings from our fertility treatments along with the costs of two miscarriages. We finally saved up enough money for our home study and all the finger printing and back ground checks. As I was doing all the paperwork I felt an urgency in my heart to get all the work done as quickly as I could. Everyone told me not to rush, but I didn't feel rushed; I felt pulled to get it done. I decided that once the paperwork was done we would start fundraising and try to raise as much money as possible. We turned in our paperwork including our family profile within 3 months of our last miscarriage, the end of February, and then 1 week later we were told we were matched with a birth mom that was due in 1 month. I went from feeling accomplished that the adoption paperwork was completed and we could finally start bringing baby stuff slowly together and start our fundraising... to frantic that now we had $43,000 to raise in 1 month as well as buy everything a baby may possibly need. I prayed and freaked out and prayed some more and started trying to fundraise some type of money, apply for loans and quickly buy as much cheap baby stuff as I could that we would need right away.

The story of being matched with our birth mom and even agreeing to being shown to a birth mom that was so expensive is on my blog. I already am too wordy, but it was all God ordained to say the least. God had expressly told us no to another birth mom's profile, and then we read our birth mom's profile and knew, she was ours. We spent the week before our Jordan was born with our birth mom and birth dad, and God had even put the same name, Jordan, on all four of our hearts. We are still extremely close to our birth parents and love that God knew during both of my miscarriages that my baby was already conceived and was waiting for me to find him in God's plan. 

We managed to get loans to barely cover all of Jordan's costs as well as close to over extended our bank account the month he was born, but God always provided, just barely. We have been slow and steady in our fundraising and slowly saving money each month and are currently working on raising the last $25,000.

Sometimes a baby comes home long before the bills are paid, in God's amazing timing.  That is the Nadalsky's story.  I'm so excited to be able to help them pay back some of the loans that they owe... getting them one step closer to fully-funded!  

One change that I am making to the Adoption Fundraiser Exchanges is that from here on out each exchange will support one family AND the Choose Joy Conference.  The funds will be split 50/50.  One exchange... two causes... win-win.

If you are interested in helping the Nadalskys and supporting Choose Joy, click here to sign up for the Summer Garland Exchange.  The sign-ups will be open until Friday, May 30th, so go sign up now! Don't delay!

Monday, March 10, 2014

For or Against

You know those people. I know those people. I used to be those people. 

The kind of people that have strong opinions and speak loudly. 

Have you seen the miniseries The Bible that was produced by Mark Burnett and his wife Roma Downey?  We watched it when it was first on television, but we have been watching it again with our small group. 

I wish I could say that I have read the whole bible, but as many times as I have started through a one year read... I have never finished. Nathan on the other hand, has read through it several times. And he's super smart. So as we have watched the miniseries, we have paused and discussed some parts, talking about how that part of the story was portrayed or going back to the scriptures to verify what we have seen. All in all, I would say that they did an excellent job of telling the most important story in history in an eight hour miniseries. 

We did find small discrepancies. For example, when Jesus walked on water.  In the bible we are told that when the disciples saw Jesus walking on the water they thought it was a ghost, but He said, “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” And then Peter asked him “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water.” In the miniseries Jesus sees that the disciples are scared and calls out to Peter to come walk on the water, without Peter saying anything. 

So while this is not technically a 100% accurate portrayal of this story, it doesn't change the story. It doesn't change the gospel. It doesn't change the truth of who God is. 

Last week, one of the members of our small group found an article about the miniseries and forwarded it to the rest of us because he thought it was an interesting talking point. As a disclaimer, I did not read the entire article. It was long and wordy, and I could quickly see that the author had a very strong opinion and agenda of discrediting the miniseries by discrediting the Burnetts. 

She attacked their character, she called them "false teachers" and "fake Christians" and had the gall to say "they are NOT real Christians."  {A judgement reserved for the Lord.} She also accused Rick Warren and Saddleback Church {who have been very supportive of the Burnetts work} of being New Age. I live very close to Saddleback Church, I have been to events there, and I have several close friends that attend there regularly. I have never seen anything but authentic Christianity coming from that church. 

This article really bugged me. Not because I thought she was incorrect. Not because I am a big fan of the Burnetts. Because I feel like this is the problem with the church today: we are too busy judging each other and we have forgotten that one of the last things Jesus did on earth was to pray for the unity of believers. “I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you... I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are oneI in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me." {John 17:20-23}

The "church" has become many churches with countless denominations and sects, some of which still serve and worship the God of the bible, and some that have reinvented the bible to serve themselves. There is only one truth and the truth is important, but a lot of the issues that Christians spend their time arguing about are not salvation issues. They are not things that change the gospel. And it makes me sad when Christians would rather be right than be love. 

A few days after perusing this article about The Bible my pastor said something that I have heard him say many times before. He said:

And it struck me what was really bothering me about this article: this woman is busy trying to be known for what she is against. She is being divisive. 

This miniseries has brought a lot of attention to the bible. It has brought a lot of attention to Christ and the gospel. And that is a good thing in my opinion. 

And maybe, just maybe the Burnetts are off track on some of their beliefs. I don't know, because I don't know them. And I would certainly NEVER claim to know their hearts. But I do know that they are being used by the Lord to shed light into the darkness. 

I want to be known for what I am for. And I am for the bible, Christ, love and truth.