Saturday, August 10, 2013

Starting from Scratch

My name is Emmy. Five years ago I started a business that took me on a wild ride.

Three years ago I started blogging. In all honesty, I started blogging because I thought it would be good for my business. And it was. But it became much more.

I had no intention of making my blog personal... none whatsoever... but a few months after I started writing that changed in a big way.

After many years of struggling with secondary infertility my husband and I had decided to adopt a baby. We needed the funds to begin the process, so I came up with a plan. But the plan required me to take a dramatically personal turn on my blog, and become about as vulnerable as I could, sharing my heart about my life's most painful reality.

I shared my story.

I held a raffle.

People responded.

We raised over $6,000 in one week.

We adopted the most beautiful baby girl in March of 2011, and life got more complicated. {You can read all about our adoption by clicking on the link in my sidebar.}

I tried to keep up with blogging. I realized that people appreciated my openness. They appreciated when I shared real stories that they could relate to like the fact that my laundry rarely gets folded, or that I struggle with being judgmental, or that my kids sometimes make me want to drink lots of wine.

But then that wild ride of a business that I mentioned took me on an even wilder course. It took over my life. I had to hire a nanny, and was working more than full time {along with five part-time employees} desperately trying to keep up with the demand of the business. I no longer had time for anything else in my life. I didn't cook for my family. I didn't see friends. I didn't respond to emails. I didn't sleep much.

And I was over it.

In August of 2012 I made the decision to take a break from my business. It was such a hard decision for me... it was tough to walk away from a business because it was too successful... but I knew immediately that it was the right decision. When I finally mailed the last set of orders I felt like a cement boulder had been lifted from my shoulders.

I recently found a way to outsource the majority of the labor involved in my business, and have re-opened my shop with fingers crossed.  So far it's going well and I've been able to run it as the "side" business that I always wanted it to be.  And I still have a life.

One of the things I was looking forward to the most about having more time was having more time to blog.

So here I am. Starting fresh.

I'm starting this new blog because I wanted to start with a clean pallet. No business baggage. No expectations. Just a fresh start.

And that's where this URL came from. It's just me... no planners, no paper freaks. It's just Emmy.

When I told my BFF that I had chosen this name she said, "oh because people always ask you if your name is really Emily?" And it clicked why that name had flowed right off my tongue. Because I have used that phrase a million times in my life.

No my name is not Emily. It's just Emmy. Bam! Double meaning. Gotta love that.

There's lots to come. There will be some crafting. There will be some pictures of my cute black baby and my rapidly growing young man. There will be lessons learned, advice given, and help wanted. There will no doubt be new ventures on the horizon, because with me there always are.  I can't promise that the blog posts will come regularly, so I'll try to make them interesting when they do come.  

Will you join me? It'll be an adventure.

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