Monday, October 28, 2013

A Secret I've Been Dying to Share

Two weeks ago I told you about the fact that we had met our needs for our adoption fund, but that I had decided to go ahead with the last fundraiser I had planned {The Christmas Exchange} and use it to bless another family... the Rallis family.

What I didn't tell you is that Kate Rallis and I had another goal in mind.

You see, Kate and her family are adopting their daughter through the foster system which means that they will have very few expenses.  The funds they needed were very specific: $1,500.

I knew we could raise more than that so I asked Kate if she would mind if we gave the extra money to another family that I have been wanting to bless and she was thrilled at the idea!

But here's the thing... the other family didn't know anything about these plans of ours.  And they are finding out right here along with all of you.  Isn't that fun???

Kate... take it away.  {I dare you to watch this video and not cry.}

Thank You from Kate on Vimeo.

So let me tell you a little bit about Tobi Weldon and her husband.  They tried to start a family for nine years.  She had to have a hysterectomy a few years into the process, so they sought a baby through adoption.  They went through FIVE failed adoptions.  FIVE.  Five devastating heartbreaks.  Five financial setbacks.  Many years of empty arms.

And then in June they brought home their Ivey.  Ivey is home.  And she is freaking cute.

But the reality of adoption {that I have mentioned many times} is that it is expensive.  And five failed adoptions makes it even more exensive.  And even though Ivey is home, the Weldons still have a ways to go in paying off her adoption. 

But today they are $669.42 less in debt than they were yesterday thanks to all of you!  And if you would be willing to help me again, I would like to bless them even more.  Those of you that participated in the Garland Exchange know that thanks to a friend's suggestion I collected extra garlands from many of you and have been selling them on Instagram.  I have already raised almost $2,000 and I am only about half way through the stash.  Well I'm hoping that you will be willing to do that again... for Tobi.  While you are making {or buying} your gifts for the Christmas Exchange, would you consider sending an extra one Tobi's way???  Then I will help her sell them on IG and we will help the Weldons pay off even more adoption debt!  Won't that be great???  I will have more details on this later {like where to send them and when}.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You made my wildest dreams come true by helping me to bless TWO families! 

If you or someone you know is in need of adoption funds, please click on the link in my sidebar to see how you can apply to be the beneficiaries of one of my fundraisers.


  1. em i wish i lived closer to you and could stalk and beg you to be my BFF. you have a heart of gold. so happy to call you friend and watch as you fearlessly take on the world in His name, all the while so beautifully displaying His love and passion for every living creature. i pray God will bless you beyond measure.

  2. Ohh this brings me to tears!!! Love love tobi and couldn't be more excited it went to her precious family!!

  3. That is so AWESOME! I love your heart so dang much!
    I can completely relate to Tobi. We tried for 7 years too to conceive and carry to term. Sadly 7 miscarriages proved too much and we were warned that trying to conceive further would probably end the same. We decided to adopt, but chose to go with straight adoption, 4 years later, thousands of dollars later and 4 failed adoptions and I was DONE!
    Then my husband had a terrible accident and all baby business was put on hold. 3 weeks later our son was born...only he didn't become our son for 16 months. He was a relative placement through foster care and in January 2008 he was officially ours after the 6 month waiting period. It was pure bliss! Last year we decided we needed to have more kids, God wasn't done with us as parents so we got our foster license officially in January this year. Our license became official on the same day our daughter was born. Only she didn't become our daughter for 2 more weeks. We will adopt her some time the beginning of next year, we hope before her 1st birthday. We have had several other short term placements, but we also want kiddos that can become ours forever. I can not imagine life without these amazing, beautiful children and I thank God for all of us who take his word to heart. Who care for the widow and orphans, who are willing to bare the potential heart break of a failed adoption or a foster child reuniting with their biological family. We are a specific group of Gods army, we have difficult shoes to fill but every time I see another story about adoption, or a foster family my heart just surges with joy only The Lord can put there.
    Thank you Emmy for sharing all these amazing stories with have no idea how big of a blessing they really are!
    Blessing momma and I can not wait to see your new little peanut, I'm so excited for your family!

  4. This is INCREDIBLE! And yep, the water-works are flowing after watching that video. Amazing!