Thursday, October 31, 2013

That Whole Email Debacle

If you are signed up for the Christmas Exchange or the Kids' Christmas Exchange you should have received an email yesterday with your assignment information.

You may have noticed some mistakes in that email.

You may have thought to yourself... I thought it could be any handmade item? Do I have to make another garland?

You may have wondered why the Kids' Exchange emails talked about handmade items when they are supposed to be exchanging stocking stuffers.

Maybe you didn't receive an email at all.  {If that is the case, chances are that you had a typo in your email address on the registration form.  If you have checked your spam folder and still do not see it, please let me know.}

In any case, I am resending the emails today.  Of course I have to wait until it's been 24 hours since I sent yesterday's emails because Google has a limit of 500 emails a day on the mail merge feature.  Ugh.

So... if you have not received an email by the time you are ready for bed tonight, then contact me

Also, there is a chance that we will be heading to Utah in the next few days.  If so, my BFF Megan Larson will likely be taking over the email responses for this exchange.  So if you see an email from a girl named Megan... she's legit.

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