Sunday, November 03, 2013

All Along, God has a Plan

The last twenty four hours have been crazy. If there is one thing you can say about adoption... it's unpredictable. I could never have guessed what today was going to be like.

So, as I said last night, we found out that the birthmom we had been matched with was in labor in her home state. Let me explain why that meant we couldn't match with her. Our agency is in Utah. The state that our birthmom was in has horrible adoption laws that our agency doesn't want to deal with and that we didn't want to endure. Our agency had told the birthmom from the time we matched that if she didn't get to Utah to deliver, we would not be able to have her baby. 

Last week we had many frustrating pieces of news from the birthmom.  First THIS was going to happen, and THEN she would decide when she was coming. Then THAT was going to happen, and THEN she would decide when she was coming. Then THIS OTHER THING was going to happen, and THEN she was going to decide when she was coming. Meanwhile getting closer and closer to her due date everyday. 

By Friday I was super frustrated. To be honest I felt like this birthmom was not all that concerned about the well being of her baby, and that made me sad. I was beginning to think that this was not our baby. 

Then we got the message that I told you about last night... that she was in labor. In her home state. We could not have that baby. 

But in the same message the agency told us that there was another birthmom that had just arrived IN UTAH and was due any moment, and that they thought this would be a good match for us. It sounded hopeful.

Then the owner of the agency, Denise {who has become a friend} texted me and told me that she and the Adoptive Family Coordinator had texted each other at the same time saying that they think they had us matched with the wrong birthmom, because they believed this one that had just arrived was meant for us.

They both thought it. 

This new birthmom is one that has placed with them before and they love her. And she is in Utah. And she is ready to deliver. 

In the shower this morning I thought, maybe God matched us with the first birthmom to keep us from matching with any others, knowing all along that this second birthmom was coming and was meant for us.  Maybe.  

Church was hard. A lot of people had read my post and were sad for us.  There were hugs and tears and sadness.  In the middle of the service I got a long text from Denise who had read my blog post from last night.  She said how sad she was with this whole situation, and told me that the first birthmom was really sad that she couldn't match with us. It broke my heart into a million pieces. I have loved that birthmom and that baby for the last several weeks, and it broke my heart. 

I asked her what would happen to them and she told me that they could use Utah law with this placement, but only if the adoptive family was from Utah. So they had to find a family in Utah.

I started praying for that family.  For them today would be an amazing day.  They would get a call that their baby was born and waiting for them.  They would have to pack and plan and prepare to go meet their baby very soon.  I prayed that God would bring that perfect family to Denise so that this could all be resolved today.

Then we got an email from the agency with the little information they had for us on this new birthmom.  And it sounded more hopeful.  And then we texted back and forth a bit and I suddenly realized that there wasn't going to be any more waiting.  This birthmom had asked them to choose the family, and they had chosen us.

And now our daughter is due this week.

And we went and bought all this:

We will know more tomorrow after they take the birthmom to the doctor, but it looks like we are still going to be heading to Utah this week to meet our baby.

And just like that God shows me again that He has a special plan for our family that we could never predict.

Oh, and they found a family for the first birthmom's baby and they will be heading out in the morning to meet their daughter. 

God is good.  Always.


  1. Speechless, completely speechless!!!!! You guys have been on my heart ALLLLL day! ...and now, with this incredible news, I can go to sleep with a happy heart!! Bring that baby girl home!!

  2. Wow. Just wow. Praise The Lord!

  3. how wonderful! Thank for sharing your heart and your story. God is so good! Love ya!


  4. I love watching how God works in His ways...How cool

  5. Very cool post... God is the ultimate maestro - composing song of our lives - working out the details for our good and His glory. Can't wait to hear how it ends and to see the special little one He's bringing to the Blakelys!

  6. God is Good. The End. (Oh, and I'm just bawling my eyes out with joy for you, too!)

  7. Soooooo exciting. Goosebumps and speachless! Congrats! God is amazing =)

  8. Wow... Emmy, I just found your blog and have been catching up on your story. God is so amazingly good! We are in the process of adoption and are waiting to be matched with a birthmom right now!