Sunday, January 05, 2014

Meet the Derby-Wellers

I'm so excited to introduce you to the next family that will be the recipients of the funds raised through the next exchange {which starts tomorrow... YAY}.

Meet the Derby-Wellers.

Here's their story, in Jacqueline's words:

We came to domestic infant adoption after a year of careful prayer and intention around the question, "Is God calling us to be parents?" We found out in our first year of marriage that we would not be able to have children biologically, so we decided that instead of rushing into one thing or another we would go into Spiritual Direction to discern God's call. What we heard clearly was that God was calling us to become parents, and that God had equipped us well to adopt and help our child or children through the meaning making and grief and joy of adoption. 

That was almost four years ago now. We have been at this adoption thing for three. In the middle of it, I needed a hysterectomy, so our attorney suggested that we use Faithful Adoption Consultants to help us match, given that we lost about 8 months due to my infertility issues. After six months with them we matched last January 7th. 

Sadly, that match failed the day after the baby was born. Then exactly two months later we matched again. We got about three hours from home on our way to meet Baby #2 before we learned our next match had also failed. These two failed matches have meant that our adoption funds are now utterly depleted. Given that we liquidated our savings to do it the first time, we are starting from scratch.

But here is the good news: When you have absolutely nothing left on the table--but God--you have absolutely everything left on the table in God!

So, we are starting over but with hearts full of hope and still listening to that gentle call of God to open our lives and hearts and home to the child or children God intends for us to nurture, love, smoosh, and cuddle!

Since we lost $25k to the agency we worked with, we hope to raise that amount through fundraising. 

Would you like to help the Derby-Wellers and have fun doing it?  Then come back tomorrow and sign up for:

I am so excited to host another garland exchange.  The last garland exchange I did was by far the most popular of my three exchanges... clearly you guys like to make garlands. 

I am making one important change to my exchange system... you will now be paired up with one partner.  So the same person you send a garland to will be the same person you receive one from.  I am hoping that this will help to eliminate the problem of people not getting a package. 

Tell your friends.  Come check out all the details here tomorrow morning.  Think hearts and red and pink.  Help people.

It's all fun.

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